Voice and Speech II

Instructor: Francine Zerfas
In this course, we will focus on the development of the overall vocal instrument by focusing on the development of the actor’s body to draw the actor into a deeper physical process of making sound and engaging in language. Our classroom will turn into a Vocal Gym with the intention of working on all aspects of the voice and speech athletically.  An introduction to Catherine Fitzmaurice’s Destructuring/Restructuring/Focus Line Voicework® will be a primary vocal focus of this somatic approach.  In addition we will utilize additional bodywork techniques such as Bikram Yoga, Pilates, Chakra work, Gabriel Roth’s Five Rhythms movement technique and massage among others.  This fall we will continue to hone the Baseline American dialect learned in the first year both in its physical and written forms.  Application of the above voice and speech skills to modern and contemporary dramatic texts is the ultimate stage of our vocal process.

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