Movement III

Instructor: Ximena Garnica
Using Ludus Technique, a non-­‐codified movement technique for dance and theater performers informed by the Japanese Butoh movement, this class guides participants to develop a rich internal landscape and move from deeply rooted instinct. It cultivates presence and prepares an alert and neutral body that is ready to be moved or one that is ready to perform. Exercises create the opportunity to explore internal openness and energy flow, distinguish different approaches to generating energy, and facilitate an awareness of consciousness. Manipulation of space, time and body through the transformation of embodied images are key. Warm ups focus on relieving any undue strain, conditioning a loose and fluid body, recognizing gravity and cultivating a deep awareness of the weight of each body parts in order to move in the most efficient or economical way. Lectures and presentations will addresses Butoh history and philosophical concepts as appropriate to provide context and to further the understanding of Ludus Technique.

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