Directing I

Instructors: Fritz Ertl / Tomi Tsunoda
This course acts as a laboratory in which the students must use everything they’re learning at PHTS to stage whole, theatrical stories. Students work all year as a performance company, learning how to find their way through the creative process of making theatre. The Fundamentals vocabulary combines the tools and techniques of Aristotle, Stanislavsky, Meyerhold, Brecht, Grotowski, Brook, and Bogart, and focuses on understanding the role of the director in a theatrical collaboration. In the fall semester, students work in groups on compositions that focus on stage composition, active storytelling, and what it means to create a theatrical experience and to express a point of view. In the spring, the students are asked to apply these skills to the staging of a pre-existing text, working with scenes from a short play. They then end the year by each directing a scene from a published play of their own choosing. Throughout the year, the students all participate as directors, actors, and audience, and discuss each others’ work in order to develop a clearer and more objective relationship to their own.

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