Instructor: Tomi Tsunoda
In this class, students work on an original piece 5-7 minutes in length that can involve any medium or combination of media appropriate to the idea (text, movement, sound, photography, etc.), and must work alone. The workshop atmosphere of the class allows for work to be shown and discussed as the students build an understanding of their own individual creative processes in relation to the needs and evolutions of their ideas. Emphasis is placed on allowing the work to develop and move from the unknown to the known. The idea that a student starts with can and does lead him/her in many different directions as the work opens up. The ability to respond in the moment of rehearsal to the work underhand, to listen to and use constructive criticism, and to be willing to risk not knowing in order to discover something are some of the benefits derived from this type of exploration. The class culminates in a final in-class showing.

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