Bustin’ Moves

Instructor: Sam Pinkleton
BUSTIN’ MOVES is a high-energy repertory dance class designed to strengthen and diversify students abilities to learn and execute movement quickly and with precision. A combination of dance class, aerobics, and boot camp, the class places emphasis on growth through focus, repetition, and sense of humor. While dance experience is not required, fearlessness, athleticism, and an appreciation for the absurd are strongly suggested. Students will move through a sequence of choreographic drills, conditioning exercises, and dance combinations that vary in difficulty and style throughout the semester, working to improve choreography retention through an exploration of weight-bearing, coordination, counting, directional shifting, memory, stylistic mastery, total body commitment (dancing “full-out”), and showmanship. Using a shifting vocabulary to suggest methodologies of a variety of choreographers, a wide range of choreography-learning scenarios will be recreated in class to best prepare students for real-world audition and rehearsal rooms.

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